Why Your Business Needs Strong Mission Statement

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Why Your Business Needs Strong Mission Statement

It’s far too obvious that your business requires a mission statement. But do you really live out your mission? Take note that a mission is a concept far bigger than your slogan. It’s comparable to a battle cry that should motivate and inspire everyone in the organization. Creating a strong mission statement can help your business:

  • Make decisions easier
  • Fire and hire right employees
  • Communicate the strategies clearer and better

A strong business mission statement helps in making smart business decision much easier

Mission statement generally defines the business and what the business do. It is often short and can be remembered easily. Although everyone in an organization or business can recite their mission statement, not everyone does comprehend its real meaning.

When the business decides to produce a new product, the business owner may take a look to their mission statement to know whether the plan fits on their strategies. An enterprise can’t offer almost every product or service in the market. Because the wider the range, the harder it is to determine where to go and how to go there. A clear mission statement can serve as a guide on making decisions.

Strong Mission Statement helps business find the right people

A strong business team consists of people who are working towards one direction. Meaning to say, hiring personnel should find a candidate who exactly fits the company’s criteria or possess characteristics and skills parallel to the company’s mission statement. For example, a mission statement like “founded with rebellious spirit” may tell the hiring personnel to look for risk or adventure takers who can create an environment that defines that ‘rebellious spirit’.

Strong Mission Statement helps business defines strategy

Mission statement will serve as the summary of what the company and its people are fighting for and what should they do to win it. Let’s take a look on the Southwest Airlines missions. Their mission statement revolves around the idea of price of flight which helped them decide easily about how they will operate and how their staff and crew work, etc. The “price” on their statement helped the team determine what services or stuff to avoid and what to include.

But most of all, a strong mission INSPIRES

Nobody will ever walk an extra mile (unless force to do so) just to accomplish a statement that does not have anything to do with them. Well, it’s all about enthusing spark and emotion of your staff and ignite that fire which will help you company grow and succeed. A mission statement should be a not just a mere tool but a guidance that the business can use to make business operation much easier and help business owners make smart decision along the way.

A mission statement should not be overlooked. If you are thinking to start a small business, start it through finding a good mission. Take your time. A simple statement may determine the success and failure of your business.

Why Your Business Needs Strong Mission Statement

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