Birmingham Transportation

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Birmingham Transportation

Are you a certified traveler who loves wandering around the globe? Is Birmingham your next stop? Then this article may help you a bit. So let’s talk about Birmingham transportation.

Taxi Birmingham city centre– Taxis are fast, reliable and convenient but aren’t the cheapest type of transport. If you opt for taxi to get you around the city or simply wish to enjoy the nightlife, you’ll never get short of a great and safe ride. Taxis simply run around the city center 24-hours! But make sure you’ll ride a licensed or registered taxi before going on your jaunt.

Train- One of the most popular means of transportation in Birmingham- fast and convenient. Numerous train services operate in Birmingham city centre and the surrounding areas. Travel by train and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries along the way, get from one place to another just within minutes and enjoy Birmingham to the fullest. Well, trains can reach nearly all the main attractions while some aren’t too far from train stations. Sad to say, rails infrastructure is still under innovation. Don’t except great rails as what you can see in other cities such as Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield or

Buses- Buses run throughout Birmingham city in a regular basis. You don’t have to wait long hours for the next bus to come. Almost every fifteen minutes, there will be bus from and to the town center. Bus is also a good option for travelers who are in tight budget. The fare is around £1.OO to £3.00- indeed a fair fare! There are also evening saver that can be used over and over while traveling at night.

Airplane- Birmingham airport isn’t as large as of in London. There are only two terminals which are often very busy. But there are fair connections to European places. If you decide to travel during peak season or school days, just prepare dealing with large crowd as well as those long lines of security checks and check-in. Well, you’ll have to bear with it if you wish to reach and enjoy Birmingham.

Trams- Trams had only one line but it is still worthy to mention as you may wish to try it. The one and only trams section that was built is the 12-and-a-half mile Birmingham-Wolverhampton route. Meaning to say, you’ll only have the chance to travel by trams if you are bound to Wolverhampton or Birmingham. In fact, you can travel by this “heavy rail” faster but it’s only useful when you’re stopping at intermediate point or using the rover tickets. Nevertheless, you will surely enjoy the clean, modern and swish line one.

Driving- If you got the guts to try driving in the strange Birmingham road, then go! You can also do this if you badly hate crowded public transportation. Of course you’re less likely to bring your own car in the place (unless you just came nearby). No worries as there are car for hire.

Generally, Birmingham transportation had evolved through the years. Nowadays, roaming around this most visited city is just a breeze.

Birmingham Transportation

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